13 ene. 2012

Nuevas Misiones del 12 de enero al 26 y links para pedir materiales


Time for the quests info:

Quest 1: The Future's so Bright...
Get 3 Pairs of Cool Shades (Click to Ask)
Get 3 Pairs of Board Shorts (Click to Ask)
Harvest 150 Fruit Crops (Tip: Raspberry/Straspberry - 2 Hrs Crops)
Rewards: Shivering Duck

Quest 2: Totally Tantastic
Get 4 Bottles of Tanning Lotion (Click to Ask)
Harvest Shivering Duck one time (Tip: Zoo/Winter Pen/Aviary/Duck Pond)
Harvest 200 Corn (Crops that will work: Butter and Sugar Corns - 12 hrs; Posole Corn - 12 Hrs; Corn - 3 days)
Rewards: Summer Polar Bear

Quest 3: Hang Ten?!
Get 5 Surfboards (Click to Ask)
Harvest Summer Polar Bear one time (Tip: Winter Pen/Zoo)
Harvest 250 Sunflowers (1 Day Crop)
Rewards: Shivering Pig (Available in Common Zoo, Livestock and Winter Pen babies via adoption from feed)

Quest 4: On the Mend
Get 6 Heat Packs (Click to Ask)
Harvest Aviary once
Harvest 400 Aloe Vera/Super Aloes (6 Hrs Crop)
Rewards: White Nurse Doe (Available in Common Zoo, Wildlife and Winter Pen babies via adoption from feed)

Quest 5: From Swells to Flurries
Get 7 Snowboarding Outfits (Click to Ask)
Harvest White Doe Nurse 2 times (Tip: Zoo/Winter Pen/Wildlife Pen)
Harvest 700 Strawberries/Super Strawberry/Straspberry (4-4-2 Hrs Crops respectively)
Rewards: Snowboarding Gear

Quest 6: Time to Shred!
Get 8 Snowboards (Click to Ask)
Master Shivering Duck to 1-star (18 Harvests to 1-star mastery)  (Tip: Rotate in Zoo/Winter Pen/Aviary/Duck Pond)
Harvest 800 Blueberries/Super Blueberries/Chandler Blueberries/Super Chandler
Rewards: Snowboarder Kangaroo

Quest 7: Let it Snow!
Get 9 Pairs of Snow Shoes (Click to Ask)
Harvest Snowboard Kangaroo (Tip: Zoo/Winter Pen)
Harvest 850 Grain Crops (Tip: Oats - 8 Hrs Crops)
Rewards: Arborists

Quest 8: Put a Lid On It!
Get 10 Beanies (Click to Ask)
Harvest Summer Polar Bear 2 times (Tip: Winter Pen/Zoo)
Harvest 900 Vegetable crops (Tip: Pumpkins/Super Pumpkins/Carnival Squash - 8 Hrs Crops)
Rewards: Farmhands

Quest 9: Baby, It's Cold Outside
Get 12 Firewood Bundles (Click to Ask)
Master Snowboard Kangaroo to 1-star (5 Harvests for 1-star mastery) (Tip: Zoo/Winter Pen)
Harvest 950 Fruit Crops (Tip: Raspberry/Straspberry - 2 Hrs Crops)
Rewards: Book of XP (Will increase your current level by +1 when used)


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