8 nov. 2012

Mision Big Harvest Quests del 8 al 22 de Noviembre

Big Harvest Quest
Esta mision se puede hacer en todas las granjas
Quests Info

Quest IconHarvest Time!Item to AskReward
Quest 11. Get 6 Sickles 
2. Harvest 50 Wheat (12 Hrs) 
3. Harvest 2 Chicken Coops
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: Red Wheat (3 Days)...
Grain Bin

Quest IconTie it Up!Item to AskReward
Quest 21. Get 7 Sheaf Ties 
2. Harvest 75 Cotton (12 Hrs) 
3. Harvest Horse Paddock 2 Times
Sheaf TieReward
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: Super Cotton (12 Hrs), Chinese Cotton (1 Day)...Sheaf TieBlack Ox

Quest IconFlail AboutItem to AskReward
Quest 31. Get 8 Flails 
2. Harvest 100 Rye (20 Hrs) 
3. Harvest Black Ox 2 Times
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: None... Harvest the Ox in the Pastures…Flails1x Unwither

Quest IconYour Biggest FanItem to AskReward
Quest 41. Get 9 Winnowing Fans 
2. Harvest 125 Soybeans (1 Day) 
3. Master Black Ox 1-star (5 Harvests)
Winnowing FanReward
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: None... Harvest the Ox in the Pastures…Winnowing FanAmerican Alpine Goat

Quest IconDon't get TiredItem to AskReward
Quest 51. Get 9 Tires 
2. Harvest 150 Rice (12 Hrs) 
3. Harvest American Alpine Goat 2 Times
Quest Tips:Crop Alternatives: Double Grain (12 Hrs), Iced Rice (12 Hrs), Sticky Rice (1 Day), Imperial Rice (4 Hrs), Jasmine Rice (8 Hrs), Brown Rice (12 Hrs)… Harvest Goat in Livestock Pen…Tires3 Pack of Turbos

Quest IconWave the FlagItem to AskReward
Quest 61. Get 9 Flags 
2. Harvest 150 Tomatoes (8 Hrs) 
3. Master American Alpine Goat 1-star (5 Harvests)
Quest Tips:Crop alternative: Purple Tomato (4 Hrs)... Harvest Goat in Livestock Pen…FlagsMystery Game Dart

Quest IconHarvest FunItem to AskReward
Quest 71. Get 10 Harvest Bins 
2. Harvest 150 Peanuts (16 Hrs) 
3. Harvest 2 Livestock Habitats
Harvest BinsReward
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: Super Peanuts (16 Hrs)…Harvest BinsBlack Holstein Cow

Quest IconTractor TimeItem to AskReward
Quest 81. Get 11 Tractor Polish 
2. Harvest 150 Pumpkins (8 Hrs) 
3. Harvest Black Holstein Cow 2 Times
Tractor PolishReward
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: Super Pumpkin (8 Hrs), White Pumpkin (8 Hrs), Black Pumpkin (12 Hrs), Jack O’Lantern (8 Hrs)... Harvest the Cow in Dairy or Pasture…Tractor PolishGnome Harvester

Quest IconHot StuffItem to AskReward
Quest 91. Get 12 Thermoses 
2. Harvest 200 Squash (2 Days) 
3. Master Black Holstein Cow to 1-star (5 Harvests)
Quest Tips:Crop Alternatives: Super/Pattypan Squash (16 Hrs), Carnival Squash (8 Hrs), Acorn Squash (10 Hrs), & Squmpkin (16 Hrs), Pumpkin (8 Hrs), Super Pumpkin (8 Hrs), White Pumpkin ()...Harvest the Cow in Dairy or Pasture…ThermosGiant Jersey Chicken

5 nov. 2012

Mision Mistletoe Lane Quest 1 de la nueva granja del 5 al 12 de noviembre

Esta granja nueva costara 35 fv hoy,la semana que entra sera gratis para todos.
Quest Info
Quest IconA Step A-HerdItem to AskReward
Quest 11. Get 6 Animal Scarfs 
2. Harvest 20 Winter Grain 
3. Make Holiday Pudding 1 Time
Animal ScarfBaby Llama
Quest Tips:No Tips available for this..Animal ScarfBaby Llama

Quest IconSneek PeakItem to AskReward
Quest 21. Get 8 Brass Spyglasses 
2. Harvest 30 Cider Apple 
3. Complete 1 Animal Workshop
Brass SpyglassesFrosted Manor
Quest Tips:No Tips available for this..Brass SpyglassesFrosted Manor

Quest IconFestive FindingsItem to AskReward
Quest 31. Get 8 Holiday Garlands 
2. Harvest 40 Winter Squash 
3. Make Benne Cake 2 Times
Holiday GarlandHoliday Square Tower
Quest Tips:No Tips available for this..Holiday GarlandHoliday Square Tower

Quest IconOutdoor OdditiesItem to AskReward
Quest 41. Get 8 Wood Canteens 
2. Harvest 50 Potatornaments 
3. Make Holiday Pudding 2 Times
Wood CanteenHot Spring Nessie
Quest Tips:No Tips available for this..Wood CanteenHot Spring Nessie

Quest IconSnowflake Fruit FunItem to AskReward
Quest 51. Get 9 Stringed Snowflakes 
2. Harvest 60 Wax Beans 
3. Make Benne Cake 2 Times
Stringed SnowflakeHanging Snowflake Tree
Quest Tips:No Tips available for this..Stringed SnowflakeHanging Snowflake Tree

Quest IconFrosty Field FrolickerItem to AskReward
Quest 61. Get 10 Exploring Lanterns 
2. Harvest 70 Winter Grain 
3. Make Apple Cider 2 Times
Exploring LanternSilver Jackalope
Quest Tips:No Tips available for this..Exploring LanternSilver Jackalope


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