5 abr. 2012

Mision The Planter Picnic del 5 de Abril al 19 del 2012

Quests Info:
Quest IconThe Planter PicnicItem to AskReward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 11. Get 4 Picnic Baskets
2. Harvest 50 Soybeans (1 Day Crop)
3. Harvest Cow Pasture 2 Times
Picnic Baskets
Quest Tips:No Crop alternatives availablePicnic BasketsMessy Picnic Cow

Quest IconFlowers and FlutterersItem to AskReward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 21. Get 6 Floating Candles
2. Harvest 75 Morning Glory (12 Hrs Crop)
 Harvest Messy Picnic Cow 2 Times
Floating CandlesUnwither
Quest Tips:Super Morning Glory (12 Hrs) will also work…Floating CandlesUnwither

Quest IconField FestivitiesItem to AskReward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 31. Get 8 Tug Ropes
2. Harvest 100 Grapes
3. Harvest Aviary 2 Times
Tug Ropes
Quest Tips:Grape Alternatives: Grape (1 Day), Frozen Grapes (1 Day), White Grapes (12 Hrs), Super Grapes (1 Day)Tug RopesFetching Beagle

Quest IconBlanket the BuffetItem to AskReward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 41. Get 8 Picnic Blankets
2. Harvest 125 Cotton (12 Hrs)
3. Master Messy Picnic Cow to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Picnic Blankets
Quest Tips:Super Cotton will also work… As for the Cow, rotate it in the Dairy Barn or Cow Pasture…Picnic BlanketsPicnic Swing

Quest IconPicnic PlussesItem to AskReward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 51. Get 8 Bug Zappers
2. Harvest 150 Pepper (1 Day)
3. Harvest Fetching Beagle 2 times
Bug ZappersBook of XP
Quest Tips:Pepper Alternatives: Super Pepper (1 Day), Fire Pepper (12 Hrs), Bell Pepper (2 Days)… For the Beagle, you can harvest it in Pet Run…Bug ZappersBook of XP

Quest IconFloating Party FavorsItem to AskReward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 61. Get 8 Floating Chairs
2. Harvest 150 Spinach (14 Hrs)
3. Harvest Baby Playpen 2 Times
Floating Chairs
Quest Tips:Red Spinach (14 Hrs) will also work for the crops…Floating ChairsPicnic Pond

Quest IconBaaackwards EngineeringItem to AskReward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 71. Get 9 Tree Twines
2. Harvest 150 Daffodils (2 Day Crop)

3. Harvest 100 Fruits
Tree TwinesSprung Tree
Quest Tips:No alternatives for Daffodils, but for the fruit, you can plant Raspberry, as they have the shortest harvest time of 2 hrs…Tree TwinesSprung Tree

Quest IconChewy, Gooey, and Delicious--y!Item to AskReward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 81. Get 10 Firewood Baskets
2. Harvest 150 Peppermint (1 Day)
 Master Fetching Beagle to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Firewood BasketsMystery Game Dart
Quest Tips:You can even plant Mint Candy for the Crops… For the Beagle, harvest it inside the Pet Run…Firewood BasketsMystery Game Dart

Quest IconThe Center of It AllItem to AskReward
Spring Picnic Quests Icon 91. Get 12 Flower Baskets
2. Harvest 200 Red Tulips (1 Day Crop)
3. Harvest Sprung Tree 2 Times
Flower BasketsStar Gazer Gypsy
Quest Tips:No Crop alternatives… For the Sprung Tree, you can even harvest the Giant Sprung Tree, and it will count for the quest… Remember to use ready orchards…Flower BasketsStar Gazer Gypsy


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