24 jul. 2012

Mision Summer Fairy Search Quests del 26 de julio al 9 de agostol

Summer Fairy Search QuestSe pueden hacer en todas las granjas.

Quests Info 
Quest IconFairy Good Starting SpotItem to AskReward
Summer Fairy Search Quest 11. Get 6 Fairy Feathers
2. Harvest 50 Golden Poppies (1 Day)
3. Harvest the Bloom Garden 2 Times
Fairy Feather
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: None…Fairy FeatherGreen Peacock

Quest IconNymphormative TipsItem to AskReward
Summer Fairy Search Quest 21. Get 7 Wettering Cans
2. Harvest 75 Red Tulips (1 Day)
3. Harvest the Swimming Pond 2 Times
Wettering CanUnwither
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: None…Wettering CanUnwither x2

Quest IconPixie TasteItem to AskReward
Summer Fairy Search Quest 31. Get 8 Pixie Piccolo
2. Harvest 100 Mint (Peppermint - 1 Day)
3. Craft 1 Fertilize All
Pixie Piccolo
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: Mint Candy (1 Day)… Fertilize All can be crafted in Craftshop using 2 Manure Bag, 4 Carrot & 3 Chickpea bushels…Pixie PiccoloFairy Cottontail Rabbit

Quest IconLatesummer Night's DreamItem to AskReward
Summer Fairy Search Quest 41. Get 9 Silver Horns
2. Harvest 125 Morning Glories (12 Hrs)
3. Master Green Peacock to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Silver Horn
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: Super Morning Glory (12 Hrs)… Harvest the Peacock in either Zoo or Aviary Pen...Silver HornSilver Buck

Quest IconFae Out ThereItem to AskReward
Summer Fairy Search Quest 51. Get 9 Dryad Drops
2. Harvest 150 Leeks (16 Hrs)
3. Harvest Silver Buck 2 Times
Dryad DropBook of XP
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: None… Harvest the Buck in the Wildlife Pen...Dryad DropBook of XP

Quest IconOne Glad DryadItem to AskReward
Summer Fairy Search Quest 61. Get 9 Fairy Acorns
2. Harvest 150 Lilacs (10 Hrs)
3. Master Fairy Cottontail to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Fairy AcornMoonlit Mulberry Tree
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: Lilac Daffy (16 hrs)… Harvest the rabbit in the Pet Run...Fairy AcornMoonlit Mulberry Tree

Quest IconWing and a MareItem to AskReward
Summer Fairy Search Quest 71. Get 10 Sugarplum Cupcakes
2. Harvest 150 Bell Peppers (2 Days)
3. Master Silver Buck to 1-Star (5 Stars)
Sugarplum Cupcake
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: None… Harvest the Buck in the Wildlife Pen...Sugarplum CupcakePlum Blossom Pony

Quest IconSprite AlrightItem to AskReward
Summer Fairy Search Quest 81. Get 11 Forest Masks
2. Harvest 150 Spinach (14 Hrs)
3. Harvest the Plum Blossom Pony 2 Times
Forest MaskMystery Game Dart
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: Red Spinach (14 Hrs)... Harvest the Pony in the Stables or the Paddocks...Forest MaskMystery Game Dart

Quest IconFairy PartingsItem to AskReward
Summer Fairy Search Quest 91. Get 12 Fairy Beads
2. Harvest 200 Cabbage (2 Days)
3. Craft 1 Farmhand
Fairy Bead
Quest Tips:Crop Alternative: Super Cabbage (2 Days)... To craft Farmhands, you will need 4 Cotton, 3 Soybean, and 1 Cherry Basket Bushel…Fairy BeadSummernight Stallion


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