15 oct. 2012

Mision Haunted Hollow - Chapter 5 Quest del 15 al 22 de Octubre

Estas misiones son solo para la granja halow
Quest Info
Quest IconEnt-Ertaining GuestsItem to AskReward
1. Get 6 Fey Dusts.
2. Harvest 50 Sage.
3. Make 3 Witches’ Brew
Quest Tips:No Tips Available..Fey DustEntling

Quest IconNibbler NurseryItem to AskReward
1. Get 8 Pumpkin Fungus Stew
2. Harvest 75 Green Toadstools
3. Make 3 Cauldron Stew
Quest Tips:No Tips Available..Pumpkin Fungus StewPlant Monster Arboretum

Quest IconBe-Were Of CactusItem to AskReward
1. Get 8 Witch Water
2. Harvest 125 Wormwood
3. Make 3 Crystal Cocktail
Quest Tips:No Tips Available..Witch 

Quest IconMore Than MelonItem to AskReward
1. Get 8 Pickled Melon Rind
2. Harvest 150 Spectre Strawberries
3. Improve the Haunted Mansion to level 5
Quest Tips:No Tips Available..Pickled Melon RindMelon Monster

Quest IconWisp-ering WillowsItem to AskReward
1. Get 9 Wisp Seed
2. Harvest 175 Zombies
3. Master the Entling to level 1 (5 harvests)
Quest Tips:Harvest the Entling in the Zoo or Monster LabWisp 
Wisp Willow 

Quest IconWinged Watering ServiceItem to AskReward
1. Get 10 Witchly Watering Can
2. Harvest 200 Tombstones
3. Make 3 Invisibility Potion
Quest Tips:No Tips Available..Witchly Watering CanHelper Monkey
Total quantity of bushels required for all the crafting in this quest is as below:


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