11 oct. 2012

Mision Trick Or Treat Quests del 11 al 25 de octubre

Se puede hacer en todas las granjas 
Quests Info
Quest IconChocolate PicklesItem to AskReward
Quest 11. Get 6 Chocolate Pickles
2. Harvest 50 Pumpkins (8 Hrs)
3. Harvest 2 Monster Labs
Chocolate Pickle Tree
Quest Tips:Crop Alternatives - Super Pumpkin (8 Hrs), White Pumpkin (8 Hrs)           
Chocolate Pickles
Chocolate Pickle  Tree

Quest IconEmpty Candy WrappersItem to AskReward
Quest 21. Get 7 Empty Candy Wrappers
2. Harvest 75 Peppers (1 Day)
3. Harvest the Chocolate Pickle Tree twice
Pile Of Candy
Quest Tips:Harvest the tree in an orchard or grove. Crop Alternatives: Super Pepper (1 Day), Fire Pepper (12 Hrs), Bell Pepper (2 Days), Jalapeno (8 Hrs), Ghost Chili (6 Hrs), Sichuan Pepper (4 Hrs)…
Empty Candy Wrappers
Pile Of Candy

Quest IconApple Shaped Water BalloonsItem to AskReward
Quest 31. Get 8 Apple Shaped Water Balloons
2. Harvest 100 Carrots (12 Hrs)
3.  Make 2 Spicy Muffins
Quest Tips:Crop Alternatives: Carrotcicle (12 hrs), Heirloom Carrot(12 hrs)...
Apple Shaped Water Balloons
Mystery Game Dart

Quest IconPlastic SpidersItem to AskReward
Quest 41. Get 9 Plastic Spiders
2. Harvest 125 Rye (20 Hrs)
3. Make 2 Fertilize All
Avatar Costume
Quest Tips:Make the Fertilize All in the Craft Shop… Crop Alternative: None...Plastic SpidersAvatar Costume

Quest IconHand BuzzersItem to AskReward
Quest 51. Get 9 Hand Buzzers
2. Harvest 150 Licorice (1 Day)
3. Make 2 Black Licorice
Candy Covered Sheep
Quest Tips:
Crop Alternative: None...
Hand BuzzersCandy Covered Sheep

Quest IconGarlic GumItem to AskReward
Quest 61. Get 9 Garlic Gum
2. Harvest 150 Grapes (1 Day)
3. Harvest the Candy Covered Sheep 2 times
Bubble Gum Duck
Quest Tips:Harvest the sheep in the livestock pen… Crop Alternatives: Grapes (1 Day), Frozen Grapes (1 Day), White Grapes (12 Hrs), Super Grapes (1 Day)…Garlic GumBubble Gum Duck 

Quest IconCandy CornItem to AskReward
Quest 71. Get 10 Candy Corn
2. Harvest 150 Peanuts (16 Hrs)
3. Harvest the Bubble Gum Duck 2 times
Jelly Bean Tree
Quest Tips:Harvest the duck in the aviary…  Crop Alternatives: Super Peanuts (16 Hrs), Jade Peanuts (3 Days)…Candy CornJelly Bean Tree

Quest IconToothpaste TaffyItem to AskReward
Quest 81. Get 11 Toothpaste Taffy
2. Harvest 150 Pineapples (2 Days)
3. Harvest the Jelly Bean Tree 2 times
Quest Tips:Harvest the tree in an orchard or grove… Crop Alternatives: Super Pineapple (2 Days), Hilo Pineapple (14 Hrs)…Toothpaste TaffyBook of XP

Quest IconSalt Pixie SticksItem to AskReward
Quest 91. Get 12 Salt Pixie Sticks
2. Harvest 200 Broccoli (2 Days)
3. Master the Candy Covered Sheep to one star
Teepee Unicorn
Quest Tips:Sheep requires 5 harvests for one star mastery… Crop Alternative: None...Salt Pixie SticksTeepee Unicorn


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